Sunday, November 9, 2008


Now I am seriously not expecting this from 007 film. The movie scored more over negative points than positive ones & its seriously worst recent experience from most awaiting film of the year. Well let me tell you very honestly why I feel sad for this film-

# There is no essence in the script required in Bond films
# It seems throughout the movie if you keep aside Bond that you are watching some B grade Revenge action drama
# M looks helpless & totally out of power in almost every scenes
# Movie missed the most expected one-liner- …name is BOND…
# There’s no spark in action sequences expected from Bond movies (Casino Royale has several …remember initial chase scene)
# The film portrayed most unimpressive & ridiculous villain of Bond films & out of sync in his act as well as personality
I know I hurt your expectations while writing this but Kya Karen yaar…Sachchai yahi hai…When you burned your 200 bucks & not get what you want!!!
But above all these defects I will give full credits to Daniel Craig because he is the only Hope & he saved the grace & maintained the dignity of Bond.

Just Average entertainer.

Ratings- 6/10


Knowledgeworld said...

I am bhagya shah
I can not believe this that
such a nice hero BOND has this type of bad movie you have written
I have read the things that you have written BUT I do not believe.
I can thing that it would be a fact
because you have writting
Ok sir

HIREN DAVE said...

Dear Bhagya...there r few mistakes in your language...
line 8- think instead of thing
line 9- have+ing is should be- because you have written it.
last word- bye & not buy...
improve your mistakes & be conscious when writing....ALL D BEST...

Taral said...


Ratings what hiren had given is also so high. One of the worst bond movies.

Vikram said...

the most pathetic bond movie i've ever seen. all the charm of the bond character seems to have gone away...