Sunday, November 30, 2008


“It is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple,” quoted Rajesh Khanna in the film. It’s simplicity & light hearted movie making of Hrishida which made him one of the most popular film director of India. If I have to choose only one best Indian Director, I will chose him without a single doubt and this isn’t any exaggeration at all. His every films I’ve seen innumerable times & still left with the feeling to watch it again.
Hrishida was such a genius director that even big superstars like Big B & Kaka (khanna) agree to do any sort of thing he told them to do. For example in this film, he convinced Big B to narrate the title credits of the film just like a stage play & also convinced Khanna (a Big superstar then) to do a role of home cook(Bawarchi). How Khanna entered in Shanti Niwas & changed the dynamics of a constantly quarreling family into a lovable bonding is just watch worthy.
Along with really a fine act of Rajesh Khanna there are few more stalwarts of Hrishda’s films like Jaya Bhaduri & Asrani who also shared their light hearted act in this film.
I’ve seen Govinda- David Dhavan’s ‘Hero no-1’ & Sanju Baba starrer ‘Khoobsurat’& both are direct rip off of this film but it’s always original which stays classic.
As one of my friend Digant said to me that this film won’t make you laugh louder in the funny scenes but make your face smile from beginning to end. So true.

Recommended to all Hrishida’s fans.


abhishek said...

ahhh, cant resist, need to comment.
this is movie of that time, which made 70's an unforgettable, though there were many pot boilers. the eternal feel good smile of "ANANDish" rajesh khanna......i have a very ssweet memory of this move. that dadaji, saying "ullu ka pattha", jaya, slipping at the aangan, cutting the vegetables so fast that every one was wide eyed,amitabh's unforgettable narration.....actually, it was a remake of tapan sinha's bengali classic "golpo holeo shotti"(story but true). where rabi ghosh played the lead role.
this is the movie of that time when there were many films showing "ghar ki ladai', n son leaving parents....breaking of joint family...(eg the raj babbar, anupam kher,raj kiran, kadar khan were an eternal part of these movies....remember avtar!!), at that time it was a blow of fresh wind which taught the essence in joint family. no doubt, there cant be another rishikesh mukherjee.

Digant said...

This is one of the "Classic" movie of hindi cinema and also one of my all time favorite movies. This movie makes u chear and give u lots of inspirations at any kind of time.

Rushida is one of my favorite director and i think he always give a magical touch of simplicity in his movies and that thing makes his all movies so watchable.

Rest I cant say more cos i wish every one should watch this timeless classic movie and i m sure all will anjoy...

Ratings - 10/10