Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I avoided this flick from long time considering it as 80’s pulp sci fi entertainment for kids. Today I watched it & completed the whole trilogy a single day & honestly believe that this is one of the perfectly made trilogy continuing the story with keeping your fingers crossed. The movie is based on a time machine (a car) & two central characters- a teenager boy & an old scientist & most of us have watched many clones based on the same plot with slight change in narrative & style. The movie was made in early 80’s but it still works as a refreshing entertainment in all accounts of fun & thrill. That’s why the movie was a blockbuster hit of ’85 & admired by audience even today.
Produced by Spielberg & directed by Robert Zemeckis ( all 3 parts), the movie made you compel to complete the trilogy with its surprising ending in each part. Let me tell you that this movie is a beautiful example of director who tells a complex story very clearly. Its story well told with perfect narrative clarity. When audience visit movie theatres to be assured or challenged, whether they seek the familiar or desire the unfamiliar entertainment & that’s where comes a competent director who entertain the audience with genre, surprise, subversion, subtext & style which enhance the film experience & this movie scores on all that accounts. The movie doesn’t have any special effects & still it makes you wonder with its amazing twists & surprises of past & future time travel.
2 thumbs up for Spielberg & Zemeckis.

One of the almost forgotten but unavoidable classic which compels you to complete trilogy.

Ratings- 9/10

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