Monday, December 8, 2008


There are two surprises I found in this movie.
# 1- It’s not always that Hollywood’s glamour dolls are for steaming the screen. This is the movie in which we can cherish Angelina Jolie in the most accomplished role of her career & I’ll be surprised if I won’t see her name in Academy nominations for the Best Actress category for this year.
# 2- The movie was directed by none other than forever cowboy Clint Eastwood and this is again Oscar worthy film of the year in direction. Again a superbly crafted period thrilling drama from this genius actor turned director.
The movie is based on true incident occurred in 1928 Los Angeles. A single living mother’s son disappeared. She lodged a police complain & they returned her boy after few months. But he’s not his child. The child was just fabricated face of corrupt LAPD & now the mother is threat. Next police declared her as insane & delusional & sent her to mental asylum. What happened to boy & the mother in this case??? Better you watch this slowly gripping drama of the year.
Perfect sets & production of 1930’s L.A. & soothing camera work by Eastwood’s stalwart camera man Tom Stern made the film more intense & original with minimalist touch of Eastwood film. Jolie’s period look & convincing mature acting simply gain the empathy of the audience. All the supporting actors have done realistic act including small but significant role of John Malkowich. It’s period film belong to the time of 1928 when women in US were not entitled to vote & they were treated as third class citizens & women liberalization & rights were far on horizon. It’s also the time of corrupt police & politics in US. So the film is a true case document of how a desperate mother struggled hard & turned the tables of corrupt LAPD & get the fair justice not only for her nut for whole society. Kudos to Eastwood for his brilliant theme & direction.
Must Watch of the year. (This film will sweep the Oscars next year in many categories.)


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HIREN DAVE said...

# an error to be regretted
-women were entitled to vote in US of America in 1920 after along suffrage struggle...