Sunday, December 14, 2008

JARHEAD (2005)

As the movie begins, you feel like watching the remake of Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’ but after first half an hour it progressed into the different direction. It’s not war action flick but rather an opposite of it; a comic drama of stuck in a situation young US marines in Iraq- Kuwait war. The movie is full of army humor, portraying conditioning of the soldiers doing nothing except passing their time in blazing desert field country where they don’t understand the enemy nor fully fathom the situation or cause of their fight. Director Sam Mendes has an eye of irony about the flux of life & absurdity of war. Movie has certain watch worthy performances of Jake Gyllenhaal as Scoff, Jamie Foxx as Sergeant, Peter Sarsgaard as Troy & as well as Chris Cooper in small role.
Well if you are looking for some out & out action war entertainment, this is not a movie for you. It’s more about detailing documentation of soldier’s pathetic psychology, insight & helplessness in the time of war in an unknown territory.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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