Monday, December 29, 2008


Now this is what I called sensible feel good cinema. With the new generation of film makers like Dibakar Benerjee (remember his ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’) comes sincere & serious effort to portray life as it is with all ingredients of subtle & stark humor & ironies of life. The film depicts Delhi with its authentic North Indian flavor & touch, detailing observation of real life characters, the nexus of police-burglars, irony & anger of being a lower middle class youth & funny punch lines (dialogues) & so many other things nicely blended to tell you a story of a super chor named Lucky.

I don’t understand why critics & viewers always compare the early hit of director & give the next film half hearted viewing & ratings. Because that’s what happens with this film; most of the so cales film critics compared it with early sleeper hit of the director & said boo to this film. This is different film but it’s also belonging to the same lineage of middle class smartness to rise above their lives either by hook or CROOK!!! The movie also raised a pertinent question that who’s the real crook? A lower middle class boy who dreams life of upper class or so called sophisticated outside shallow inside rising upper class in Indian metroes? It’s serious film without being serious in tone. One can pick out so many nuances picked out from shrewd observations of life around in the film.
Abhay Deol again proves that why he’s charmer boy for all new generation passionate film makers. When I saw him 1st time in ‘Socha Na Tha’, I noticed his natural flair of acting & I’m desperate to see his performance in upcoming Anurag Kashyap version of modern Devdas in ‘Dev D’. Paresh Raval is genius & this time he proved himself in 3 totally different roles & done nice job up to the expected level. Rest of all cast also performed without being over acted or reacted. The portrayal of burglary with such an ease by Lucky & his partner is something which I find only improbable factor in the film. The end is also slightly abrupt. But one should not count 20% negative things in 80% well made film.
The fade in projector shots is reminiscence of gr8 Hollywood con classic ‘Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid’ & it may be the spark of con & fun that director wanted to convey to the audience with the character of Lucky.

A film one should not ignore.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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