Thursday, December 11, 2008


“How do you murder a man who has already committed suicide?” This is the tagline of the film & it’s really honest attempt by all the players & script writer to engage the audience with its thrilling effects of theme.
The movie is adaptation of a Gujarati thriller drama by the same name, written brilliantly by Uttam Gada & it has created history with more than 1000 shows. The acting talent of Paresh Rawal got noticed as a lead player of this drama by many film directors then & one of them is Mahesh Bhatt who gave him break in ‘Naam.’ The movie is perfectly cast with multiple acting giants of screen & almost all of them have played their parts with their best abilities. The script & screenplay maintained elements of successful thriller.
The film is at par till the interval with Nasser’s short but powerful act, Paresh Rawal’s interesting character portrayal & brooding crime of murder & betrayal win game with entry of certain other players. But post interval it becomes more dramatic & less natural and that’s make it low in the end. This is the biggest shortcoming of the film that in the second half even Paresh Raval & Boman Irani become too dramatic with their stage instincts & altogether movie becomes so predictable for the common audience & here director as well as actors falters to make it compact screen adaptation.
Naseer & Paresh has done commendable job & it’s sure shot for you if you admire their acting. Om Puri has the shortest role in the film & nothing much to do & we all know it’s act for sake of his rapport with Paresh & Naseer.
Drama would be better but film adaptation is nice attempt & it’s more appreciation worthy than criticize much.
One watch is recommended.


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