Sunday, December 21, 2008

SIR (1993)

It’s not a faultless film but off course it’s must watch for one of the memorable commercial role of a college teacher. The movie is worth to watch for an awesome & natural performance of Paresh Raval as desi gujju gangster Velji bhai. It’s Mahesh Bhatt directed film & this isn’t just another film of him. In some of his films, he has very naturally portrayed the human characters in their conditioning & conflict inflicted upon them either by fate, society or some antagonistic force. Watch his Arth, Saaransh, Zakham & you will understand what I mean. How a common teacher in want of proving his worth & meaning bring the transformation is the subject of the film & movie depicts certain improbabilities also but you have to neglect it considering film for mass.
Film has certain memorable scenes & dialogues. For example when Naseer refused to accept fee to teach a gangster’s daughter, Velji (Paresh Raval) brings his honest money narrating his tough days. One more effective scene is when Nasser tries to convince Velji bhai to drop the gun & surrender as a token of promise & a scene when he realized that he broke his promise.
# When he met his divorced wife in a party after along break- “Zindagi koi blackboard to nahi hai k ek duster ghumaya aur sab saaf ho gaya…”
# During his 1st encounter with Paresh Raval- “Beech sadak pe leja kar maro na Veljibhai taaki aap ki wah wah ho aur muje is sharir se chutkara mil jaaye…”
# When a student confessed his guilt to doubt Nasser’s character-“Are yaar yeh zulm mat karo muj par…main koi devta nahi hu…insaan hi hu…Shikshak insaan hi hota hai. Main to ek mamuli kamjor insaan hu, tum logo se muje jeene ki shakti milti hai…Muje tum logo ka pyar chahiye..izzat aur samman nahi…samman ka kya karunga mein?”

The background score is direct rip off of ‘Godfather’.
As I said earlier it’s not perfect film but not an average either as it has two finsest performances of legendary actors- Naseer & Paresh.


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