Friday, December 12, 2008


Without a doubt this is the absolute entertainment movie of the year. DreamWork has already created history with the release of this film & with its progressive & creative brilliant output its certainly becoming a big challenge for Disney- Pixar. The movie is full of entertainment package bundled with fun plus action animation. 100% entertainment, superb animation graphics (DreamWork is improving here by leaps & bounds) & incredible & touchy characters is all guaranteed in this film. It’s definitely tough fight for Wall E in next Oscar.
Well its story of an ordinary fat giant Panda named Po (one of the most lovely character launch of this year) who is daydreaming about being dragon warrior. To fulfill his dream he has to convert all his minus into plus & how he does that impossible possible with the help of mentor Shifu & 5 fighters is a thing to watch. The voice over is also nicely done with wonderful actors like Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen & the master of Kung Fu – Jackie Chan.
What to say about cute & touchy Po!!! Animation has grasps every emotional expression of his ups & down. I mean this is the only animation character which I would like to compete with my all time favorite- Cub Simba (The Lion King). Similarly the character of old Oogway & Shifu is also something amazing about the film. I’m desperately looking forward for its next part.
Panda Po rocks & Kung Fu too.

Must Watch.

Ratings- 9/10


Bhumil N. Acharya said...
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Bhumil N. Acharya said...

Really, this film is full of entertainment plus it gives us a message that there is no secret for getting success,Its your belief. Whatever you believe you can, you can do that....