Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is one of the most shocking dark & tragic film I have seen in a long back. The movie which made me shock & awe before this is ‘American Beauty’ came a year ago this film, which is one of my all time favorite one. It’s not great acting, classic cinematography or touch wood direction but shattering & shocking portrayal of chasing American Dream & its tragic reality which still lingers in memory when I first watched that Oscar winning gem of Sam Mendes. Now here Darren Aronofsky has done something which has done same impact on your mind in a different trajectory. In a very poignant way he jumbled up sharp cutting images of various dreams about love, fame, money, beauty, and hope into the lives of four central characters of the film. How Drugs entered into each character’s life & fulfill their escape route to their dream till they all reached doom is also something very original in theme as well as projection. Every actor has done nice justice to their complex roles but it’s Ellen Burstyn as a lonely old age mother who breathes in the character of Mrs. Sara Goldfarb 7 it’s really an Oscar worthy act. Film is technically appealing with cool visuals & sound adding substance to the film. Infect it is the execution of that visual style which has captured the essence of this brilliant script by Hubert Selby Jr. This is dark modern classic which may become another dark drug film if the viewer is not involved in it…Its emotional & subjective involvement into this tragedy which makes it altogether different experience.

Brilliant work of Art.
Ratings- 9/10

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Vikram said...

this is literally the definition of a feel-bad movie... the movie is exactly more than what the title suggests. it's more than just a requiem for the dreams of four people chasing The American Dream, it's a complete terror attack on the dreams of all the people who watch this movie!
the movie shows all the worst things that can happen to four people in their lifetime within a span of about 2 hrs.
it's technically great. innovative camera angles and a great soundtrack by Clint Mansell.
heart patients pls stay away from this movie!!!