Monday, December 1, 2008

WOH 7 DIN (1983)

Bhanshali’s much appreciated & popular blockbuster super hit ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ was totally inspired from this under rated film of 83. So I hope I need not say plot or theme of it. Film was neither gr8 nor poor but a well balanced film with refined performances of all three lead players. From the beginning of his career Anil Kapoor has shown his acting talent & here he is in one of the most memorable & lovable credulous character as Prempartap Patialawale(a struggling streetsinger Music Director). The film’s first half represents his funny romantic affair with Padmini & I have never seen such a funny kissing scene in any bollywood film as funnily fixed between them on terrace. The character has verisimilitude with Sunil Dutt’s golden comedy ‘Padosan’. He is nicely co-operated with really praiseworthy child act of Master Raju as his assistant. Padmini Kolhapure has done most of the B genre bollywood potboilers in 80’s but here she has seriously kept herself in a bubbly girl next door role & win sympathy for her act. Naseer is simply genius & he is the only mature lead character of the film & has done full justice to his role. The film projected a mature & situational love story without being too melodramatic; very rare in 80’s revenge oriented films time. Director Bapu has aptly kept the first half of the film full of funny romantic situations & second half with sensitive & serious situational climax.
Really, a well made love story, worth watching once.



abhishek said...

i need to be true, if i want to comment on this movie....
i fell in love with padmini kolhapure,when i saw this..., that red lipstic, n that seducing smile...i was just an adolescent boy then. remember the scene where she insists anil kapoor to put his head in her, thats one of the most romantic scene for me in hindi movies,though, there was zero skin show.anil's debut movie, n he , all the way, steal the show. that punjabi accent was awesome. remember the scene where raju shreshtha (the little kid from parichay) is suppose to guard the bathromm when anil was bathing, as there was no "kundi"....or the seen when padmini mends his pants n accidently sends with her innerware, n when he shouts, she takes the wooden ladder away. that was hilarous for me. nasseruddin shah as an understanding n compassionate husband, was brilliant.the environment it created was brilliant, n the question this movie raised in the end is still used in many movies....
i will watch it again n again, just for padmini.....n well, for anil too.

Digant said...

I have watched 1st time this movie long time ago and also watched it few more times. I found this movie better then 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'. because, in this movie, each and every character is needed and every1 did very good job, not like to just show croud in this movie.

Anil and Nasir did so wonderful acting in this movie. This movie astablised Anil as a actor in Bollywood and he was nominated for best actor (i have heared this, not sure).

Over all it's a very enjoyable movie and should be watched.

Ratings - 8.5/10