Sunday, December 21, 2008

THE KID (1921)

The eternal tramp combined with an unwanted kid of the street & makes the audience laugh & cry too. Chaplin’s blend of laughter & pathos changed the notion of what a screen comedy should be. If I am not mistaking than its one of the 1st full length feature film of Charlie Chaplin as an actor- director- producer. The movie is just less than an hour in time duration but impact is beyond time. Movie has certain memorable scenes include a lesson in table manners, fight with kid bully & his hulk looking elder brother, the angelic dream sequence in the climax. Truly Chaplin earns its wings. The movie is one of the personal favorites of actors like Kamal Hasan & Rahul Bose.
A picture with a smile- and perhaps a tear.
One of the rare classic of Chaplin.

Must watch for all Chaplin lovers.

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Vikram said...

this is my most favorite work of Chaplin... charlie chaplin's specialty has always been in making people smile and shed tears at the same time and this movie is no different. It is a great mixture of Chaplin's slapstick comedy and a dramatic story to back it up. definitely a must watch movie of the silent era