Sunday, December 28, 2008

MILK (2008)

Harvey Milk(Sean Penn) is 40 years old gay living in San Francisco, who has done nothing significant in his life. He is the 1st man who openly proclaims that he’s homosexual in 1972. This something unimaginable in a time when not only society, police & Government considered them as immoral puss against the cultural values & discriminate gays in their professions & locality. It all started when few gay members supported him in his movement, some were brutally killed by the cops. He raised a campaign to protect human rights for the gays , with activists support he go straight for Supervisor election in the city, campaigned & lost 2 times. Government & Police continued their tyranny on community all over the states. Milk became the only Hope for the gays & he proved his conviction with public support. But he got his nemesis in the form of Dan White (Josh Brolin), who shot him along with the mayor.
The movie is based on real life story of Milk & almost all the incidents covered in the film are true. It’s shocking & realistic powerful drama made by Gus Van Sant. What I like most about the film that it goes beyond a mere biography of Milk & explores the humanity behind the icon to discover his fight for gay rights is truly a fight for human rights.
Sean Penn as a Milk done commendable justice in his role-picking up little nuances in detailing & there’s no doubt that it’s one of his memorable one. No surprise if we see his name on Academy nomination for best actor. Watch his oratorical speeches to public!!! In supporting cast- James Franco, EmileHirsch & Brolin are just OK with their whatever tasks given to them.
In 1977, Harvey Milk was the 1st openly gay man elected to public office in US. If confused about ‘openly gay’ watch the film. The film is the must watch for all those who sneer their nose about homosexuality. It’s a story of a common man raised against the system & social taboos & transformed the way of perception in the society.

Highly recommended.


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