Saturday, December 20, 2008


“What a Utopia of an unexplored smells!!!”
It’s one of the finest sublime screen fables of this decade.
The story leads to an altogether different world unimaginable to us with all possible exceptions. It’s tale of a man named Jean Baptiste Granouille born in 18th century France, gifted with the best nose in Paris. Not a single smell escape from his gifted hyper sense. After initial struggle of survival he met a gifted perfumer of Paris & it changes his life with his special sense of smell. He wanted to create a perfume with whom he can get recognition & once he got intoxicated with sheer innocent beauty. How to preserve her beauty is a enigma for him. The only way to preserve the fragrance of his beloved’s fresh beauty immortally in the world is to murder her. What leads him next is thing to smell…sorry a thing to watch.
Apart of brilliant adaptation of path breaking novel by Patrick Suskind & classic direction by Tom Tykwer, the movie has certain other things which are also worth to mention. The cinematography is just mind blowing & it sweeps you with its glorious settings of France & fragrance & it successfully creates the mood & tone to the plot with some extreme close up shots. The atmosphere & the mood of the film are full of fragrance with its visual imagery & fine narration with strong supported background music. In some of the movies plot surpasses the performances & it happens in this case. You just get overwhelmed by the senses & that truly happens with me in this movie. Infect it’s dilemma for the audience whether to love or hate the main hero but it serves beautiful parable in the end with its poetic sublime end.

One of my personal interpretation of the best perfume is something very symbolic- the tears in his eyes when he is at scaffold in the end & remembering his first loving experience. Even the ambition of making the best perfume is to gain immortality & not recognition of the world.

What a poetry!!!

A Modern classic.

Ratings- 9.5/10


abhishek said...

i saw this movie when it released, may be a year n half ago. my friends said-dude u will never be able to see so many girls naked!! tahts y i left it for a period, as i m not very much fond of nudity. also they said not to miss the climax. i jus started it, n the very first scene, rather i would say the presence, knocked me off. this is the movie which gave cinema a new peak, a new mile stone. the camera work n the locales were very interesting. remember the baby birth scene in the fish was rather too brutal, but it never gave any bad feeling. u said it right, its really a modern classic, a fable, a poetry on screen.

Vikram said...

I watched this movie about a year and a half ago and this is one of all time 10 favorite movies! it truly is a modern classic. the author of the novel Partick Suskind didn't wan't to sell the movie rights of this book for nearly 15 yrs after it was published. many great directors like Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Milos Forman, Tim Burton & Ridley Scott wanted to make a movie out of the novel, but nothing materialised before Tom Tykwer finally did it. this was the most expensive German movie ever made when it released, but all the money & effort invested have been put to great use...the acting is good, screenplay & cinematography are brilliant. the dark theme is handled with great finesse and Tom Tykwer has proved yet again that he is a master filmmaker.
and another thing... if u r in India and have watched it in Star Movies u haven't had the real feel & effect of this movie yet, because the censors play spoilsport and the most passionate scenes of this film have been cut out for the Indian audience...