Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A classic text book example of making an exciting thriller.
All praise goes to great director Fred Zinnemann for his brilliantly executed example of film making.
This is again a very good example of telling a complex plot with clarity. The visualization of the thrilling best seller book (written by Frederick Forsythe) is so convincing that you can’t find single fault. It’s not suspense thriller & yet you can’t keep your eyes off for a single minute & that’s the real beauty of the film.
It’s story of a code name of professional killer “Jackal”, who was hired to assassinate the French president by a group of French people. The portrayal of “Jackal” is suave & smart & Edward Fox has played his part with impeccable performance picking the minute details of smart assassin characteristic traits.
The movie is shot with detailing exterior of 70’s France & not in Studio. The movie also suggests the commending work of French Police investigation very exhaustively but “Jackal” is smart & how can they stop him is a thing to watch rather than make you read the spoiler. I also appreciate the particularity of planning of assassin; whether it’s getting false passport or driving license, getting disguises, carrying a lightweight thin smart sniper gun etc. etc.
The movie is 2 hour 20 minutes unstoppable journey of thrill.

One of the finest thrilling movie of 70’s.
Do I have to say- “Must watch”?


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