Friday, December 12, 2008


A self confessed murderer is on trial got acquittal from the case of his own wife’s murder because even the promising lawyer or LA Cops didn’t get success to get a single evidence of the crime. The premise of the movie is pretty interesting & it’s quite gritty movie with A grade performance of Anthony Hopkins as a main culprit on trial. He’s also playing intelligent outsmarting character here as Mr.Crawfard. Ryan Gosling has acted his part up to the level what has been expected from him. Dear Director has maintained the slow pace to level up the characteristic ego clash between Ryan & Hopkins & highlighted the evidence of crime but it ends with something very common & frivolous. Even the final dénouement scene is something which seems unusual & ends without much confrontation. So, the credit to shoulder the film goes to Hopkins & Ryan which makes you complete the movie once started even though having certain fault lines in it.


Ratings- 7/10

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