Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A Beautiful underwater animation movie by Disney-Pixar combo. It’s cute tale of Marlin- the father prawn fish’s struggle to get his lost son named Nemo back. Nemo caught by a mariner & becomes a part of a dentist’s small aquarium in dispensary. Nemo made few friends also in aquarium with his honesty & smartness. The journey of Nemo to get out of the aquarium & Marlin to sail in the stream way out to Sydney is portrayed wonderfully with friends in need is friend indeed kind of stuff & that’s the real beauty of the film. It’s also classic underwater animation & has amazing characters. Apart of Marlin & Nemo there are certain other cute characters like Marlin’s helping hand Dory who often forgets the thing in the time of crisis (one of the truly lovable fish), vegetarian & fish friendly shark & sweet friendly dude turtle Crush. You will love all of them.
One of my friend recently experienced scuba diving & said that underwater world is more beautiful & colorful than natural landscape. I haven’t experienced the real underwater world but I can say that it’s out & out true in the case of this reel.
Be a child for a moment & enjoy the feel.



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abhishek said...

no ifs n buts...this is my fav animation movie. 1st of all, look at the script, i think its really well etched out, n look at the tightness in it. u kno, some times, in animation movies, the story takes, some what, the back seat. e.g. lion king n shrek (i nevr say those script were bad), but the main criteria becomes the animation. but here, its totally perfect. jus thought of that turtle crush, nemo, dori, marlin, n the aquarium fishes, brings a smile on my face.

the way the voice over is done, they have turned the simple lines into punch lines.
"dad, did u see that, did u see that" turtle
"You so totally rock, Squirt! So gimme some fin"-crush
"this is marlon, n this is offspring !!!(he use to call his son ofspring!!!)"-crush
"dude, mister turtle is my father. The name's crush"
"fishes are friends , not food"
"jus keep swimin', keep swimin, swimin',swimin"
"No, of course I like you. It's because I like you I don't want to be with you. It's a complicated emotion."

man its just endless. n the twist n turns, the adventure....its just unmatched. well i m not commenting on animation.

but i dont agree with ur "be a child again", comment. u knw, thats what pixar n disney have proved all through these years. its not for kids only. jus see, how many people have rated it in imdb. if even 50% of those people have seen this movie, then these animators job is accomplished. i dont think, u have to be a kid....if u are not biased towards any particular genre of movies , n if u wanna taste all the dishes of cinema, then it will come as the best ever dessert u have tested in years.