Wednesday, December 3, 2008

THE FALL (2006)

I must admit that Fantasy is never as visually extravagant & epic in scale as in this film.
“Magnificent”, is the word used for this film by greatest film critic Roger Ebert in his rare four star review.
Film serves no serious story or contriving plot & so there’s nothing to write much on that account except let you know that it’s oral-visual or encoding-decoding relationship between an injured stunt man on hospital bed & a sweet little girl. Both are fixed in their real & imaginary worlds. To direct such a film is difficult with capital D. So thumbs go up for Tarsem Singh who directed & made this imaginary magnum opus independently on his own since no Hollywood studio get to believe what he believes in his vision. And it requires lot of courage & confidence to tell this sort of visual epic story on big screen for any independent creative film maker without any serious plot. Seeing this you must admire this man with his visual entertaining sense. It’s quite complicated to say whether the images in the film are Computer generated imagery or real one? Whatever it is, it looks so goddamn real & glamorous on screen that you love & want to stay with the 5 epic heroes & enjoy the beauty of it. Special mention to little charming angel Alexandria, as she made movie more emotionally appealing. You can’t stop praising the cinematographer Colin Watkinson for creating a beautiful canvas on screen. Finally, the film is a beautiful journey of both main characters of breaking & entering into reality Vs imagination world.
What a beautiful fall indeed!!!
Must Watch this Masterpiece.


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