Saturday, December 6, 2008


3 childhood friends Jimmy, Dan & Sean drifted apart after a terrible tragedy & grew up in the same city. Destiny pitted them again & it’s brutal tragedy again. Jimmy’s 19 year old daughter murdered & Dave is the strong suspect. Sean is a cop trying to solve the crime before something unusual done by uncontrollable with situational fix. Its superb script & screen play & I must praise Dennis Lehane for it. But the real laudable act is done by old macho cowboy named Clint Eastwood.
This is Clint Eastwood’s finest achievement as a director along with his other Oscar winning nuggets like Unforgiven & Million Dollar Baby. With awesome cast & finest performances of Sean Penn, Tim Robbins &Kevin Bacon he shapes a master crime thriller.
Pendulum of Brooding thrilling suspense & heightened tension as film is progressing towards climax is just rock solid with awesome performances of Sean Penn & Tim Robbins & both of them got academy trophies for that. Marcia Gay Harden has done amazing justice to her role as psychologically confused wife of Tim Robbins.
Must watch if you haven’t seen it because this is Modern Greek tragedy.

Ratings- 8.5/10

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