Friday, December 5, 2008


Its British film depicting political crisis between IRA & British Army in early 90’s. Based on a shocking real life story, Martin is a young man from Belfast in late 1980’s who hired by British Police to spy on rebel IRA. He works his way as a volunteer & provides information to his British handler & saved 50 lives until one day he exposed, tortured terribly. He escaped dramatically with the help of his British loyal handler but ultimately killed by a fanatic man one day. It’s still mystery that he was saved or still on run. It’s indeed interesting historical zigzag but thrilling too but the adapted version is not so touching. What you savor in this film is fine performances of Sir Ben Kingsley as mature & loyal British handler & Jim Sturgess as Martin. Movie fails in making audience a part of the intrigue so often & that’s where it becomes loose. Recommended to political history lovers or viewers interested in this kind of stuff. Please watch the film with subtitles because I got hard time to deal with the Irish English accents.


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