Monday, April 20, 2009

THE 39 STEPS (1935)

It required lot of patience to watch B&W classic of thirties but not in the case of Master Alfred Hitchcock. The film is another Hitchcock masterpiece & surely one of the well anticipated films of his early career.

A Canadian man accidentally encountered a spy lady being chased by assassins. She claimed that she carried a military secret coded as ’39 steps’ but did not explain its meaning. The same night she was stabbed in back in Canadian man’s flat. The man escaped to visit a man in Scotland whom the lady is going to visit but the police suspected him as murderer. Its interesting chase story where he had to survive & get into the root of the secret. The story takes more interesting turn when situation fixed him handcuffed with the girl who double crossed him.

This is the very early film Hitchcock made in Britain before he moved to US in 1939 & made his 1st Hollywood film starring legendary Lawrence Olivier in haunting thriller ‘Rebecca’. It’s really pathetic that the man who inspired the generation of film makers & regarded as the Founding Father of Suspense genre didn’t get a single Academy Award as Director even though nominated five times.

Recommended for all die-hard Hitchcock Lovers.


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