Friday, April 10, 2009


Its 1st Indiana Jones film & with this film Spielberg introduced the character of modern myth starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with finely blending combination of archeological professor & adventurous explorer side by side. It seems that Spielberg had stiff competition with highly popular & successful James Bond films in the initial years of his career & so just like 007 films, every Indiana Jones film begins with breathtaking chase/stunt visual of adventure.
The adventure journey is set in the time of 1935 when Hitler led Nazis are in quest of 3000 years old holy arc which has biblical significance & Hebrew mythology related with Moses. As a part of Jewish myth it has the power of invincibility. Jones has a responsibility to play. He has to protect it falling into the evil hands of Nazis.
Its wonderful effort of Spielberg to juxtapose the two different civilizations of west & east as a part of historical significance in a film like with oriental approach & an eye for detailing wherever possible.

Spielberg is perhaps the greatest admirer of David Lean & his kind of grand film making & so great & epic adventure journey with some spectacular visuals & gripping actions are always remain the part & parcel of almost all Indiana Jones films but this one is the most refreshing & compact among all. What Walt Disney has done to animation, Spielberg has done to special effects & cutting edge technology with grand scale & that’s why he is considered as the almighty producer-director of Hollywood.

Absolutely mind blowing entertainer.


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Vikram said...

This is the father of hollywood masala movies. great entertainment from the great director!