Thursday, April 9, 2009


Breaking News- It’s a height of piracy. The release date of the film in US is 1st May, 2009 & it’s regarded as one of the awaiting release all over the world & I have pirated leaked out & yet crystal clear DVD of the film in my hand & I’m sure it must be available at any torrent so far.

Hugh Jackman is back in a role that made him famous- Wolverine. He is fierce fighting machine who possesses amazing steel claws, healing powers & furious fire of revenge. By its suggestive title we know well in advance that its story of X- Men origin; focusing around Wolverine in particular. The film tells the story of Wolverine’s past life initially known as James- beginning with his childhood where he took vengeance of his father & ran away from home & how he encounters with other fellow X-Men mutants along the path, his complex relationship with Victor Creed played by Live Schreiber who is playing spoilsport here as the villain who killed his wife & how he enrolled himself into weapon X program to become powerful metamorphosis as indestructible ‘Wolverine’.

Don’t expect any plot here; it’s just run on the mill revenge flick. So next we expect the action from the film like this but let me tell you honestly that almost all action sequences of the film looks like watching some B grade Chinese/Hong Kong action film. If you don’t get much of your head & logic watching some unbelievable action scenes by the mutants like chopping off bullets into two pieces by sword among blazing machine guns from all corners or punching the battle tank pipe then you won’t disappoint watching the action of the film. The film has nothing new to offer. Its absoluting lacking creativity seems too lackadaisical one in all the departments of film making. It’s only the Hollywood studio effort of the film backing some scintillating moving action CGI which saves the film from becoming drab & monotonous in last fifteen minutes climactic action sequence.

Sorry to spoil the expectations but for me it’s a big letdown of the year.
Nothing to lose if you avoid it. Watch it if you are crazy about X-Men series.


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