Monday, April 13, 2009

HITCH (2005)

There are number of guys around us whose life just sucks. Romance is the only thing not happening with their lives. Most of them known in circles as losers. Well, here’s a guy who can help them out seeking solutions. Meet the professional Date Doctor- Hitch (Will Smith) who helps the needy men to find their perfect partner of their dreams. He‘s dealing with next to impossible case of messed up fat bumpkin named Albert who is trying to woo celebrity heiress named Allegra. Meanwhile Hitch himself gets carried away by Sara (Eva Mendes). One of his bad client becomes an eyesore & ruining his own love interest as well as in the case of Albert. It’s ‘Be yourself as you are’ that matters in any relationship.
I’ve seen the poor David Dhavan version of the film but its good entertainment watching this original one with wonderful Will Smith. He’s one of the refined actors today who get accolades for his good performances after starting career as raw action star. He’s real treat here too.

A relaxing Sunday entertainment.

Ratings- 7/10

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