Friday, April 3, 2009


The film sets in the time of 1962 when Russia made the nuclear bomb & Kennedy Government is under the tension declared emergency regarding cold war situation. A Scientist protected himself & his pregnant wife from the blast beneath the ground in the shelter bunker beneath his home. It was just a plane crash misunderstood as blast & so he thought that it’s not safe to move into the outer world for next 35 years to prevent dire effects of radiation. So after the 35 years they came out & they surprised & shocked to witness the changes in the time period. For the son it’s big problem since he’s the Adam of sixties dating Eve of nineties.

The film is good blending of fun & romance. The fun part is genuine one unlike today’s Seth Rogen comedies full of sexual innuendoes.
Along with Outrageous Brendan Fraser & gorgeous Alicia Silverstone, the film also has wonderful presence of veteran actor Christopher Walken who’s always pleasure to watch.

A light, funny romantic film for relax time.


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