Thursday, April 2, 2009


“A hero doesn’t appear until the world needs one.”
It’s a cute animation tale of such a small & a special hero mouse named Despereaux. He is special because from the very beginning he saw more, heard more & even smelled more than any other mice. Moreover he is having knight like qualities of Courage, Truth & honor. But as his outrageous skills are noticed by the mouse council, he is being banished from the mouse world & he has to survive in the hostile rat world & has to fight like a gladiator in an arena with a giant cat. Here he meets a true rat friend named Roscuro who is in a noble quest to repair his past mistake in Dors kingdom. In the end both of them win the heart of princess in their own ways.

Despereaux is wonderful animation character to watch without fail; he’s a small & sweet little gentleman mouse with elephant ears & loads of knight like attitude. You will love to add him in your favorite animation characters. Moreover the film is amazing animation creation of three various worlds- Mouse world, Rat world & the Kingdom of Dors (Human world).

Surely one of the beautiful animation films of the last year.
Highly Recommended to all animation lovers.


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