Friday, April 10, 2009

I AM SAM (2001)

Sean Penn’s another Oscar worthy performance as Sam Dawson, who has the mental capacity of 7 year old. He works at Starbucks & obsessed with Beatles. His one night stand partner gets rid away from unwanted baby girl & not so smart hubby soon after giving birth in hospital. Sam raises Lucy with his sound understanding of world. But when Lucy reaches the age of 7, Sam’s limitations started opening up with her school education. The authorities take her away from him.

Sean Penn has worked really hard in his brilliant method act of retarded with the intelligence of 7 year old. We have seen more vibrant act Tom Hanks in’ Forrest Gump’ & compared to it the act is more flat but still its great time watching Penn performing. Michelle Pfeiffer works as celebrity lawyer Rita Harrison meddling with her personal life & the pro bono (free from fee) case of Sam.
Dakota Fanning looks so smart cutie pie daughter in the film. Watch a heart tugging scene where the opponent lawyer is asking her the question about her mental mind more sound than her Dad & isn’t it true that deep down she know she need much more than her Daddy can give her & she replied with so touchy expressions the Beatles immortal song- “All you need is Love.” The only editing part the film is bit jarring which hampers the flow of the film in between.

Must watch for all sentimental story lovers.


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