Sunday, April 26, 2009


“Who knows what goes on a woman’s mind?” Its puzzling question for men from the centuries & that is exactly the theme of this engaging early stage thrilling Hitchcock film. The movie begins with one of the finest & memorable classic opening scene with the master stroke of Hitchcock.
A glamorous actress cum girlfriend knocks the door of her lover in blood stained clothes & revealed that accidentally she killed her hubby. While protecting her girlfriend the reluctant lover put his own life into the peril by being the perfect suspect. In order to hide himself he gets the help from another actress & co- stage friend Eve (Jane Wyman) who loves him one sided. Eve does smart work here to hook the cruel lady with her fine acting skill & brain.
Marlene Dietrich is regarded as legendary & quintessential sexy blonde vamp of the yesteryears & she looks like a gorgeous damsel you can’t ignore in this film in her cold blooded calculating expressions, heavenly body & sophisticated cruel charms. And Dietrich is surely one of the best ways Hitchcock has shot her blonde beauties in finest extreme close up & middle shots. Jane Wyman has done the finest act too in a lead role of the smart girl conflicting with emotions inside & acting outside. Her character is more like tangled in the mystery with strings of emotions in her heart. Anybody will love her character & act in this film. Most of the main actors as well as ensemble cast has done fine balanced act in the film & Hitchcock’s class Black & White camera eye captured detailing frames of the stage plot.

A nearly perfect cutting edge mystery thriller by Hitchcock.
Highly Recommended for all Hitchcock admirers.


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