Sunday, April 26, 2009


You know it happens with most of the lovers in reality. After the initial charming romance, those three wonderful words just sucks & we think that it’s better if we can wipe out the memory of those sweet romantic moments with our desirable partners from our lives to start fresh again. Watching this film is truly an experience to me & I’m sure it would be for all those who sulk & remain reticent in their love like Joel in this film. Well, speaking honestly this is the film I long avoided & but watching it today it becomes one of so close to my heart that I watched it back to back two times today to absorb myself in the romance of Joel & Clementine.

It’s not usual romantic flick which gives you emotional purgation if that’s what you expect. The movie has more to do with the psychology & memory about love & the complexity of feelings which we avoid to face in reality (conscious world) but it re-surface us deep down in the inner dark corners of unconscious. The plot & the romance have more to do with unconscious mind & memory of Joel in non-linear zigzag manner because that’s the way mind think & work. So watching it for the first time becomes bit confusing to absorb its brilliantly psychological & creatively original screenplay of Kaufman.

The chemistry of two brilliant actors- Kate Winslet & Jim Carrey is just speechless. It is beyond imagination to alter their chemistry here by any other actors. But the real credit goes to the artist & brilliant story & screenplay writer Charlie Kaufman. I would like end this post with brilliant line of the film quoted by Joel:
“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communication.” And so does writing anything further.

Mandatory Watch for everyone if you haven’t watched it yet.

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Vikram said...

"I already forget how I used to feel about you" well you do start wondering right from the moment you read the tagline of this movie and once you have watched it you are completely in awe! Charlie Kaufman in undoubtedly one one the best screenwriters in Hollywood today and he proves once again that Adaptation or Being John Malkovich were not just a flash in the pan. It's a very intelligent and innovative screenplay, something new that Kaufman has given Hollywood.
Kate Winslet once mentioned in Empire magazine that this is her most favorite performance and of course Jim Carrey... it's one of those very rare serious roles of his.
Don't miss the 'breaking the ice' visual... it's simply brilliant!
overall a movie not to be missed.