Sunday, April 5, 2009


Sometimes we watch films without much expectation & as the film progresses further we come to realize that its surprisingly wonderful journey. For me ‘Sideways’ is such a nice experience. It’s a movie about friendship, hanging out a whole weekend on a road trip around wine yards & drinking the finest wines & enjoying the unexpected company of women along the way.

It may taste bitter, it may taste sweet but its surely one of the finest light & intelligent American comedy directed by Alexander Payne celebrating moments of ups & downs between two post thirties friends. One is wine connoisseur the other is women connoisseurs. What I most like about the film is fine characterization between these two mismatched & totally opposite guys. But it’s Miles (Paul Giamatti) character with which I relate myself more & he has performed it so brilliantly. Well I didn’t get much of the wine philosophy of the film since I haven’t tasted it or felt it like this way ever before; but it’s really intoxicating & contagious journey.
After watching the film I just googled & came to know that the film was nominated for 5 Academy Awards in 2005 including Best Picture & Best Director & won an award for Best Adapted Screenplay 2 Golden Globes Awards including Best Comedy/Musical.
A lingering journey of wine, women & friendship.


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