Monday, April 13, 2009

8 x 10 TASVEER (2009)

I got really bad review of the film from one of the reliable friend & he told me that this is the worst he’s expecting from Director like Nagesh Kukunoor.
It seems like Nagesh wanted to make a sleek sophisticated supernatural thriller in Commercial style but that’s not what he’s good at. If you see early track record of Nagesh till day, the human bonding & relationships always remain ethos & soul of his almost every films whether its sentimental ones like ‘Iqbal’, ‘Dor’ or one of the best suspense he made ‘3 Deewarein’. Considering this point, throughout the film I don’t get it in my head that it’s Kukunoor’s film. All characters are just like raw haystack, there’s no room for any character development here, forget about the performances. After a long time I saw Girish Karnad & Jawed Jaffri on screen & I was expecting something from them. Karnad is theatre veteran & Jawed has done fine act in last year’s one of the finest- ‘Shaurya’.

In every well made supernatural thriller, Psychology always plays pivotal sidekick & here’s its totally lacking. How can one see a photograph & see the past of the person remains an unanswered crap in ‘Mano Ya Na Mano’ style. But anyway as a murder mystery it maintains the attention to know the real secret. But as curtain of suspense opens, it looks like a big cheating from the beginning of the plot. Its one of the most improbable revelation I’ve ever seen. The film is also big letdown on many departments- abrupt screenplay based on some unbelievable supernatural plot & similar ending, superficial dialogues & absolutely no editing work at all. The only hope of the film is energetic Akshay & technically awesome cinematography.

Expecting a better film from Nagesh next time; because this is really unexpected hammering from you.


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Digant said...

I have seen this mocie cos of Nagesh and Akki 1st time together. Akki was good in his charector. Others were also good. But it starts very slow so people feel bored. Second half do well but in end suspance was not so exiting. Javed did very well job. camera work was exelent.

You will enjoy this movie only once. Not much repate value.

Ratings:- 6/10