Monday, April 20, 2009


I was desperate to watch this film since its release in June, 2008. I still remember the mammoth crowd of crazy Kamal Hasan Lovers outside the cinema halls when I visited Chennai & Pondicherry last summer. I got the pirated DVD too from the local market but since it’s without subtitles, I skipped watching it. I was so excited when I got the news that the film was dubbed in Hindi & released in cinemas last Friday.
Kamal rests in my all-time favorite five Indian actors list. I grew up watching ‘Appu Raja’, ‘Sadma’ & ‘Pushpak’ innumerable number of times. What can I say about this man? The screen maverick who grabbed maximum number of National Awards & achieved a distinct position as an actor or an artist who conceived insurmountable height in excellence of cinema.

Anyway I watched the film today & I’m quite disappointed from the film as well as from Kamal. The major fault lines of the film are its dead long screen time of more than three hours & absolutely missing plot & screenplay expected from Kamal Hasan film. As we know that sometimes an important sportsman plays the game just to set an individual achievement record, no matter in that case team lose the match & sometime the same sportsman plays the game in all its active command for couple of minutes but that effort made the team win. What happens in the case of this film is exactly related with the first consequences. Kamal tried to score another record by playing ten various characters with brilliant make up & tried to attempt nuanced performance in each of them but an artist cant control everything. Where Kamal messed up is in story telling of the film & here more than half of the characters seem unnecessary & unwanted. It’s only beginning & ending of the film which is impressive. The other all actors are just silly headache including verbally diarrhea Asin or sexy siren Mallika. The film becomes so irritating after the first half an hour that during the interval I feel to run away. Thank God, the climax saved the film from free flow with brilliant Tsunami scenes absolutely at par with Hollywood Studio Production.

After a long time I get a chance to see dubbed Kamal Hasan film & so I expected a lot from Kamal Hasan film but the film really break my heart. I expect that Kamal will bring a well made film next time with some worthy story & performance which make a special position in entire fans favorite list.

Ratings- 5.5/10

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Digant said...

I have seen this movie in its original language, but i understood most of the things and i m firmly agree with u that the lanth and editting of the movie is poor. Kamal tried his level best but .... starting of the movie is so good and i thouth this part will be the heart of the movie, but it was just to show one charector out of ten of Kamala Hasan. Few charectors are inpressive played by him but rest of u can find very unwanted and not natural. overall its a OK to watch once.

Ratings:- 5.5/10