Friday, April 3, 2009


I like thrillers which don’t give much pain to think hard & yet successfully grab the audience attention & made them hooked from the very first scene to last one towards on going moving & shifting tension & this one is like them.

After the accidental death of his partner, Detective Dr. Alex Cross voluntary retired from the job. After 8 months a sharp minded Criminal kidnaps the daughter of a minister & challenges the retired hurt Dr. Cross. The kidnapper is no ordinary criminal, he don’t required ransom of any sort but wants to prove himself the criminal of century.
It’s finely tuned & well paced thriller based on one of the best selling novel of James Patterson. Morgan Freeman always suits in a role like this & he always delivers what is being expected. Even though it’s a similar role like ‘Se7en’, he added his own characteristic flair here.
The movie has all the ingredients required in a well made thriller- engaging story-screenplay & tight editing & shrilling background score. And hey it’s not only just thriller… Get ready for twisting suspense in the climax.

Above all it’s engrossing & gripping thriller & I enjoyed it completely.
Recommended to all thrill lovers.


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