Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lots of International banks are showing their bankruptcy in this critical period of recession all around the world & here the Director Tom Tykwer (who made ‘Perfume’) comes with the plot of an international bank which can blow you away with its underworld nexus. Capitalism would become a big curse if what he shows is true or fair enough anywhere in the world.

The film is focused on the financial operations of IBBC (International Bank of Business & Credits) associated with organized crime. Interpol Agent Salinger (Clive Owen) & Attorney Eleanor (Naomi Watts) are striving hard to get into the roots. The chemistry between them works here. Clive Owen tried to do justice to the role & Naomi also wisely plays her smart character.

Director Tom Tykwer successfully kept the conflict rolling & that’s what works in good thriller. I find the unfolding of plot very interesting & gripping one in all recent releases of this year. I like the cinematography of the film. It’s so absorbing one & enhances the thrill feel. Most of the chase & action sequences are cinematographed keeping beautiful architectural locales in the wide background shots & its something creatively beautiful. Only one thing remains improbable that why the bank which is powerful enough to kill an Italian Political Candidate not able enough to kill these two guys. Even the end of the film makes me surprise but anyway above all it’s a film & one shouldn’t meddle much when you have good entertainment on platter.


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