Thursday, April 16, 2009


The film is a story of a simpleton guy named Quoyle. From child hood to his adult married life, he was known as loser by everybody around him including his father & even his bitchy wife. Destiny is giving really hard thrusts to him one after another. Just after the tragic accidental death of his wife, Quoyle moves with his daughter from New York to his ancestral small snow clad fishing village. He got job there as local boat reporter & gradually he won the heart of woman too. What I like about this film is the plot of transformation which arrives slowly & too late in the life of Quoyle. But the Identity issue again draws the film into dark waters. Infect the second half of it is really too tad & slow which made the film directionless & boring.

Kevin Spacey is Quoyle & needless to say that he’s touchstone actor in all sorts of roles. Apart from him there are few other fine actors too like- Julianne Moore, Judi Dench & Cate Blanchett (a short presence). But more than any actor’s performance it’s the honest simplicity of plot & story telling which carried me while watching its first half & I’m expecting good twist here but the second half ruined the film completely where neither the characters nor story is moving further in any direction & that’s totally whitewashed the joy of watching its first half.

Average drama.


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