Sunday, April 19, 2009


One more gripping & stylish suspense thriller by the master of suspense-Alfred Hitchcock. The film is almost shot inside a house which reminds you another classic by Hitchcock- ‘Rear Window’, since the film is screen adaptation of very successful drama by the same name. The film is great blending of three key players who worked out as romantic triangle- a shrewd but smart husband, a beautiful wife & her crime fiction writer lover. The plot is based on meticulously planned murder of Grace Kelly by her husband but accidentally turned out unsuccessful. The film is equally engaging from beginning to end. The first half covers the planning & execution of the perfect murder & second one covers the smart Police investigation.
Unlike the other murder mysteries here you know the criminal from the beginning who is out of suspect list with his brilliant planning but it’s the revelation process of smart old cop here which holds your breath in the climax.

Compelling Hitchcock Watch.
Highly Recommended.


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