Saturday, April 25, 2009


Clint Eastwood made his directorial debut with this film, starring himself as Radio Jockey dragged into an affair with a lady suffering from psychotic obsession.
Shot on a beautiful location of Carmel, California, the film is too slow & boring to start with the main plot. It’s against popular expectations to see Eastwood as lady killer Radio Jockey Dave indulging in multiple affairs & messed up with deadly psychic fair sex. One night stand with Evelyn turned out to be a bad nightmare for Eastwood. As per Freudian saying- “One can hate the same person whom we love the most.” Evelyn’s obsessed terror made Dave’s life real hell.

As far as character is concerned the role didn’t suit Eastwood much. The only character worth to watch in the film is obsessed & jealous lover Evelyn played by Jessica Walter in one of her memorable meaty role. Today we have seen many films based on same subjects & so most of the film seems too predictable as we follow the film further.
It’s not mandatory watch for Eastwood fans but watch it for surprising performance of Jessica Walter & Bruce Surtees’ master camera work.


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