Wednesday, April 8, 2009


No artists have shaped popular Hollywood adventure culture as Steven Spielberg from beginning of seventies. Most of the Spielberg flicks divided & preoccupied into two categories: fantasy & adventure rollercoaster for children & family. i.e. – ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park etc. The second is the realistic historical films for adults. i.e. - Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Munich etc. Although it’s the films in the first category that remains his biggest blockbuster hits all over the world. Indiana Jones films always remains top US box office success & it’s needless to say its absolute entertainment targeted to family entertainer.

In this installment of adventure journey Mr. Jones (Harrison Ford) combines with Senior Jones (Sean Connery) in quest of Holy Grail legend. Don’t expect great story telling here but when Spielberg & Lucas are there at direction & production helm its guaranteed popcorn entertainment without any frills. Some scenes were just awesome, especially the beginning animal train chase, airplane & car chase scene, battle tank action & the climax sequence. In fact it’s moralistic ending which remains distinguished part of every Spielberg fantasy/ adventure from others.

It’s surely well packaged ‘Paisa Wasool’ kind of entertainment for the audience of all ages.


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Vikram said...

This is a switch-off-your-brain-and-go-watch-the-movie kind of movie! Not as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark or even The Temple of Doom. But still good escapist fare...