Saturday, April 25, 2009


Many won’t like this film just like the American audience who rejected it when released & the film was declared as major flop show of Eastwood. But for me it’s one of the sweet American film made by Eastwood for the simple reason that this is another side of looking at the western cowboy myth & Eastwood won’t make this sort of films quite often. Even Eastwood regards the film as one of his personal favorites even though it made little impact to the audience or critics till day.

Greatest Wild West Show stealer Bronco Billy along with his caravan of Circus travels different places for live adventure shows. Billy isn’t money minded, infect he performs shows to missionary orphanages to entertain neglected kids. A wealthy heiress cheated by her crooked pretending husband becomes the part of Billy’s troop to seek support but she’s so arrogant one to handle. She becomes jinx woman for the Billy’s show but Billy likes her. The moment love started to blossom between two, reality started spoiling the charm.

The film is more idealistic & moralistic in tone, characters & plot. It emphasizes the American dream of success at its core. The main trouble with the plot is that it’s too thin & too loose to make compact gritty film to hook the audience attention & that’s where film falters. But if I cut short all this mature man’s nonsense & be a kid at heart to enjoy the film its nice film to cherish.

It’s certainly the Best film to introduce Eastwood to kids.

Ratings- 6.5/10

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